August 23, 2011

another hint

Unfamiliar with the Northside? Concerned you won't be able to find the lot where the coolest market in town is happening this saturday? Have no fear! All ya gotta do is drive down North Salina Street and look for this amazing castle like building at the juncture of Prospect Ave and Salina Street. The Funky Flea is 2 spots down! The "castle" houses the Open Hand Theater Museum. It was built in 1890 by Charles Hoffman, president of the National Brewing Company. He wanted a home for his family that was a replica of a castle he loved in his native Germany. It has housed a variety of groups and business' over the years, but has been the headquarters for Open Hand Theater Museum of Masks and Puppets since 1999. Maybe we'll see an impromptu performance from the Open Hand theater................

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