May 27, 2014

Vendor Spotlight #2 Meet Ginger and June!

Our 2nd vendor spotlight focuses on 2 fun loving and funky ladies who have been involved in each one of the Funky Fleas since the beginning.  Meet Linda Lowen and Sue Streeter aka Ginger and June!

These two "thrift chicks" have been scouring flea markets and thrift shops in CNY for years and will be presenting their curated collection of upcycled items,  vintage home goods, orientalia, and hand painted tchotchkes at the 5th edition of the Funky Flea.

A little background.......

These ladies met in the mid 1990s, when they kept running into each other at trunk sales in Armory Square.  They were both fans of the Bluefish clothing line and attended the semi annual sales that were held in the under construction retail spaces in that neighborhood. One was a redhead, one an Asian American.  Not knowing each others names, they were casual acquaintances until the day Linda tried on a dress that didn't fit.  She handed it over to the woman she had come to think of as "Ginger" and Sue responded "Thanks, June".   And thus a friendship was born.  They have been thrifting together ever since!

They are excited to be debuting their newly formed business at Funky Flea 5.  Ginger and June may be a new business, but these ladies  are no strangers to the Flea-they have attended or been vendors at each one!  They were truly impressed with the offerings at the first Funky Flea (held in June of 2011 on the Near Westside).   Sue dragged home a massive oil painting in a carved, ornate frame and Linda picked up a beautifully patina'd window frame.  Neither had seen goodies like this at any flea markets in Syracuse-they were hooked!!  They contacted us immediately with a request to be vendors at the next one.   (At the time, we had not even thought beyond having one Funky Flea)   And they have been hawking their wares at all of the Funky Fleas since then.

Sue Streeter (Ginger) is an artist, retail manager and former gallery owner (Chairz!).  She has designed sets, done craft segments on "Bridge Street with Rick and Julie" and loves to do paint finishing.  Her faux finishing techniques adorn walls, ceilings, cabinets and furniture all over central New York.  Look for her upcycled items at Funky Flea 5!!

Linda Lowen (June) is a writer, radio producer and instructor at the Downtown Writing Center.  She has written numerous articles for MSN Living on style, home decor, design and DIY crafting.  She is an avid collector of funky things and we can't wait to see what she brings to Funky Flea 5!!


Some thoughts on the Funky Flea from these returning vendors:

"The atmosphere is beyond festive -- it is celebratory, and we see every age and stage represented. How many times do you see the faces of Syracusans and CNYers alight with simple delight? A lot of shoppers seem to make a day of it, eating at the food trucks, sitting by the fountains, cooling off in the shade of the trees lining the plaza, hanging with friends and family.

This is what the Funky Flea is about. Not just fabulous finds, but creating community. Embracing an underutilized, often neglected corner of our city and transforming it with music, art, creativity, commerce and energy into a place where people want to linger. The Funky Flea is an event where, by the end of the day, we know we'll make new friends, connections, opportunities, and...oh, yeah...some money."

We are so happy to have these awesome ladies back at FUNKY FLEA #5.  Look for them on the Everson Plaza on June 7th, and check them out online at:

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