May 21, 2012

What we FOUND

The Funky Flea took a road trip yesterday to do some scouting and get a little inspiration.  We found inspiration galore at an incredible flea market in Ithaca, put on by the fine folks at FOUND.  Do you know this place?  It's a huge multi-dealer antique mall in Ithaca.  Chock full of fabulous stuff.  They started their once a month Found Flea yesterday and it was amazing!  Too many goodies to choose from!  The owners of Found will be at the Funky Flea, and they say they can't wait.  They are bringing lots of furniture and housewares and are surely going to be one of the most popular booths there.  Come check them out at the Funky Flea on June 2nd and at their home in Ithaca on June 15th.


  1. I just checked out their website, because this (and the funky flea, of course) sound more amazing than my wildest dreams, and noted that the next indoor/outdoor flea is on June 17th, not the 15th. Just wanted to note the typo!

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  3. Thanks for the nod! Hope to see you at this month's FOUND FLEA, Sunday July 15th! Details here: